More than you ever wanted to know about David F. Sandberg


Born in 1981 in Jönköping, Sweden and raised on a steady diet of films I started borrowing my father's VHSC camera to make my own films with friends and family until I broke the camera.

In my late teens I worked extra in a video store which served as both a kind of film school as well as a way for me to save up money and eventually I was able to buy my own camcorder. With digital editing now possible I could take my filmmaking to a whole new level.

Making short films that I submitted to film festival I came into contact with the local film center 'Film i Jönköpings län' run by film commissioner Svante Rosberg where I interned and eventually started working on various projects.
2006 was an eventful year in my life. Combining my love for drawing and my passion for film I made the short animated film 'För Barnen' and uploaded it to this new thing called 'YouTube'. The film was a hit but eventually removed due to the 'mature' content.

För Barnen

Encouraged by the online response I quickly made another animated short film called 'Vad Tyst Det Blev'.

Vad Tyst Det Blev...

'Vad Tyst Det Blev' was an even bigger hit with more than 2 million views and several awards from the November Film Festival (Best film, best script, best sound and the audience award).

Thanks to the viral success of “Vad Tyst Det Blev” companies started contacting me about animation jobs which led to me starting my own company to make commercials and short animations for various clients. My first job was as an animation consultant of sorts for the tv show 'Myggan' on the Swedish Channel 5.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of my short film spreading across Scandinavia was that the girl I dated when I was 11,  Lotta Losten, got in touch with me and we eventually got married in 2013.

Still working together with Film i Jönköping I worked on several documentary jobs.

From 2006 to 2009 I was the de facto resident documentary filmmaker at Arvsfonden (the Swedish Inheritance Fund) where I each year documented some of their most successful projects.

The last collaboration with Film i Jönköping before my mentor Svante Rosberg retired was 'Animera=Göra Livlig', a documentary about the positive impact that making animations can have on senior citizens. The documentary was later bought and aired by SVT (Swedish Television).

Animera = Göra Livlig trailer


In 2009 I moved to Gothenburg, Sweden's second largest city.

I frequently collaborate with producer Claes Lundin of CL Film. In 2011 we finished our animated documentary tv-series 'Earth Savers' that aired in Sweden, Finland and Norway. The show has since been sold to Arte and has aired on various European tv channels.

Earth Savers trailer

In 2013 our documentary short 'Ladyboy', an experimental mix of animation and live action, premiered at Cinequest in California. It has since aired a couple of times on swedish television.

Ladyboy trailer

Our latest collaboration is the short film 'Wallace', a vfx-filled tale of a bullied boy whose drawings come to life.

Wallace trailer

Though I enjoy animation, documentary work, and short form drama I realized in 2013 that I had wound up quite far from my original goal of making horror and sci-fi films. I figured that in order to get someone with money to trust me with making horror films I better have something to show for myself. So together with my wife Lotta Losten we started making no budget horror films in our apartment. The second film we made was ‘Lights Out’.

Lights Out

Originally made as a contest submission for the Bloody Cuts Horror Challenge, ‘Lights Out’ became a huge viral hit with a combined total of over 20 million views. ‘Lights Out’ won the ‘Best Director’ award in the Bloody Cuts Horror Challenge and has went on to play at a whole bunch of film festivals around the world where it’s picked up a couple of awards along the way.

Thanks to the success of ‘Lights Out’ I’m now signed with the Paradigm agency and Gotham Group management in Los Angeles and with FatCat Films in Paris.

I'm very much a 'Jack of all trades' having done most things on my own productions. I’ve done everything from writing to visual effects to composing music. I enjoy all aspects of filmmaking and I don’t let the absence of budgets stop me from creating, I’ll make do with what I have.

Lighting a film with an IKEA trash can

If you need to get a hold of me you can send me an email or you can say hi on Twitter where I'm @ponysmasher.

Select experience

2014, Coffer - Short film

Role: Writer, Director, Editor, Visual Effetcs, Sound

2014, Not So Fast - Short film

Role: Writer, Director, Editor, Visual Effetcs, Sound

2014, Pictured - Short film

Role: Writer, Director, Editor, Visual Effetcs, Composer, Sound

2013, Lights Out - Short film

Role: Writer, Director, Editor, Visual Effetcs, Composer, Sound

2013, Wallace - Short film

Role: Writer, Director, Editor, Visual Effetcs, Composer, Sound

2013, Cam Closer - Short film

Role: Writer, Director, Editor, Visual Effetcs, Composer, Sound

2013, Ladyboy - Short mixed media documentary
Role: Cinematographer, Animator, Editor, Composer, Sound

2011, Earth Savers - Animated documentary tv show.
Role: Director, Animator, Editor, Composer, Sound

2011, Animera = Göra Livlig - Documentary
Role: Director, Editor, Composer, Sound
2010-2013, Pinigt - Animated web show that teaches young people about sexual health
Role: Animator, Composer, Sound

2010 -2013 Diasend - Animated commercials and instruction videos
Role: Director, Animator, Editor, Composer, Sound

2008-2009, Center against racism - Two documentaries about their work in Sweden
Role: Videographer, Editor, Composer, Sound

2008, Three Films About Grief - Tv Animation
Role: Animator, Director, Sound

2007, Kondomexperten - Commercial
Role: Writer, Director, Animator, Sound

2006 - 2009, The Swedish Inheritance Fund - Documentaries and commercials
Role: Videographer, Editor, Composer, Sound, Visual effects

2006, Vad tyst det blev - Animated short film
Role: Writer, Director, Animator, Actor, Composer, Sound
Awards: Best film, Best script, Best sound, The Audience Award (November Film Festival)

2006, Started my own company as a freelance filmmaker and animator

2006, Freja Dreams - Documentary
Role: Director, Editor, Sound

2005, När Löven Föll - Short film
Role: Cinematographer, Editor, Visual Effects, Sound

2005, Brevet - Short film
Role: Cinematographer, Editor, Sound
Awards: Best Sound (November Film Festival), Best Film (Tystnad tagning)

2004 - 2009 Working with Film i Jönköpings län on various documentary and short film projects.
Role: Cinematographer, Director, Editor, Composer, Sound

2004, Skitsnack - Short film
Role: Cinematographer, Editor, Visual effects, Sound
Awards: Third prize Best film (Tystnad ragning)